The Elves

Today I published a short story on Medium called “The Elves”. Here is an excerpt.

So you want to know about the elves? Yes, they were real. What are they teaching in school these days? They were as real as the grass under your feet and the yellow daisies in the field.

I knew elves — was closer to them than most were.

Click here to read the rest of the story.

Why I love words

My love of words began as soon as I learned how to read. I remember sitting on the porch swing outside and reading In a People’s House by Dr. Seuss. The challenges my local library set up during the summer to keep kids reading while they weren’t in school were never a problem for me. The only problem was figuring out how long I had been sitting there, absorbed in another world.

When I write, I can harness the power of words. I can bring others into the world of my imagination—a world previously limited to a population of one. I can educate others, or persuade them to my point of view. With the written word, I can organize my thoughts and articulate them better than it sounded in my head.

When I edit, I can help others do the same. Together, the story is better than before. The essay is clearer than before. The article is more persuasive than before. Words have power, and helping others discover that is as good as harnessing it myself.