I’m a writer and editor committed to helping you and your ideas succeed. From start to end, I offer a variety of services focused on getting you to your finished product.

Brainstorming. Need a sounding board? Getting from basic ideas to words on a page can be difficult. I can help you hone your mission, and help you create your world, characters, and plot before you even get started.
Outlining. Sometimes the hardest part is making a plan. I help you organize your ideas into the road map you need to start writing.
Writing. You have the ideas. I will bring the words. From writing your short story to finishing up your novel, I can get you to the finish line.
Another Eye. Is something in your manuscript off, but you can’t tell what? Do you need help brainstorming your way out of the corner you have written yourself into? I will bring an expert eye to the story and will help you find a solution.
Editing. You finished! Now I will help you make your text evenĀ better. Is your theme presented strongly? Does everything make sense? From characters to plot threads, it is time to make it shine!
Copy Editing. It’s time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I will help with word choice and sentence structure, making your project look as good as possible.

Interested? Let me know, and we can getting started talking about your project!