I have found Amy Caylor to be a great resource for content editing and story development suggestions in my latest fiction writing adventures. I personally know Ms Caylor to be a woman of ethics and professionalism. I look forward to working more with her in the near future as I begin to pen book 2 in my fiction series. 


It was amazing networking with Amy! She is phenomenal. Very smart, creative, great work ethic, wonderful communicator. I highly recommend her to everyone. I hope I get another chance to work with her again. I was beyond satisfied with the work she did.


Amy has a keen eye for plot holes, too-much-telling-and-not-enough-showing, and story details that don’t fit together in logical ways. She sees missing pieces to the puzzle that I would never notice. I feel like my story is a lot more polished after editing it according to her feedback, and I’m really grateful for her help!


I really like how insightful your critiques have been, Amy, and I really do appreciate all of your help